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Coffee Basics One Needs to Know

India is a country known for its diverse culture and traditions, and the same applies to its coffee culture. Even though it is a land of tea lovers, coffee has also made its mark within the country. Coffee lovers can find a variety of coffee types in India, ranging from traditional filter coffee to unique blends with local ingredients. At Sir Dough Bakehouse Café (Mohali, Ludhiana) we proudly serve the finest roasts sourced from the most exquisite coffee estates in […]

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Most Instagrammable Café – Sir Dough

‘Do it for the Gram’ have become the words to live by for today’s generation. Everything, from food to clothes, hair to nails, home to office, must be instagrammable! If not, it doesn’t really exist! So what makes a café instagrammable? It is the overall aesthetics! The space must appeal to the Instagram community by providing a visually enthralling atmosphere, decor and menu that is perfect for capturing and sharing on social media platforms. Here are some of the factors […]

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