About us

About US

A traditional Bakehouse Café

serving fresh & healthy

food with aromatic brews

About Us

Sir Dough Bakehouse Café

A ‘dough-centric’ café, Sir Dough gives the humble dough a much-needed recognition and knighthood A unique blend of traditionally made artisanal breads and a variety of brews for every palette, the café has been created to bring together years of traditions on a modern platter. Our menu curated especially around our hero bread, Sourdough offering delectable and healthy food options to our patrons. We also serve traditionally roasted coffee, sourced from the Kodagu region of Coorg.

Our Story

Symbolizing the evolution of mankind, bread was created by the understated dough. It was time to finally place it on a pedestal and as a mark of respect to the humble dough, we named the café ‘Sir’ Dough. Sir Dough is thus homonymous to the hero of our cafe, the Sourdough.

Sourdough is one of the healthiest breads today, with no preservatives, no sugar, no added gluten or fats. At Sir Dough we have proudly created our entire menu around it. The brand is created with the aim of giving a healthy twist to our favorite grub, the bread.


We envision ourselves as an artisanal Bakehouse Café, with an endeavour to bring healthy options, adopting traditional practices through handmade breads and unique brews, embodying trust and honesty


We aspire to be a regional chain that exemplifies service excellence, serves global cuisine at affordable prices, pledging to uphold our values

Loyalty is a consequence of leadership

Leadership is a touchstone of confidence

When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees.

Col. Ashutosh Kale


Col. Ashutosh Kale

A military veteran with over 11 years of corporate exposure, Col Ashutosh is known for his determination, attention to detail and leadership qualities. As CEO & Executive Director, he has managed F&B operations, cost management, crisis management, human resource management, business development and security planning and execution.

Manav Suri

Chef & Co-founder

Manav Suri

Passionate, driven and highly creative, Manav has remarkably changed the F&B landscape of Tricity Chandigarh with his culinary excellence and the ability to innovate and create food par excellence. He also single-handedly operates ‘The One Kitchen’ – a cloud kitchen which caters to leading eateries and online food delivery platforms

CA Sudhanshu Bansal


CA Sudhanshu Bansal

Chartered Accountant by profession for over 14 years, Sudhanshu is an industry stalwart with expertise in audit, management consultancy, tax consultancy, accounting services, manpower management and secretarial services

Fateh Singh Grewal

Head of Operations

Fateh Singh Grewal

A graduate of Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Aurangabad and George Brown College, Toronto, Canada, Fateh Garewal possesses superior culinary expertise in flavours from around the globe. With his in-depth knowledge of F&B industry and an overall proficiency in operations viz cost management, productivity analysis, forecast purchase trends and patterns, along with recruiting, hiring and optimising staffing & production, Fateh is befitting his role.

Sunil Heer

Head Chef

Sunil Heer

With an experience of over 8 years as an Innovative Executive Chef, Sous Chef & CDP working in fine dining and banquets, Sunil controls and directs the overall food preparation processes within the company. He has extensive knowledge of various Indian cuisines, with an eye for perfection in quality, taste and presentation. Sunil is responsible for curating menus, cost proposals, waste management, monitoring kitchen inventory and ensuring that all food preparation is in accordance with regulatory guidelines.

Sakshi Pande

Head of Communications

Sakshi Pande

Corporate Communicator with expertise in content creation, ideation, development and management, Sakshi develops strategic marketing plans and effectively handles public relations for the company. With a Bachelors of Engineering in IT and MBA in Marketing, Sakshi’s exposure to different industries have added to her skill set over the years. She has a strong grasp on the English language with a critical eye for detail. As a social media strategist, Sakshi ministers effective promotion and positioning of the brand via internal and external communication channels, working relentlessly to increase the digital footprint of the brand.

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