Most Instagrammable Café – Sir Dough

‘Do it for the Gram’ have become the words to live by for today’s generation. Everything, from food to clothes, hair to nails, home to office, must be instagrammable! If not, it doesn’t really exist!

As a new brand in the city, we studied and researched the ongoing trends and understood the needs of our patrons. Yes, good food is imperative, service must be superior, but oh! the café must have an instagrammable ‘VIBE’.

So what makes a café instagrammable? It is the overall aesthetics! The space must appeal to the Instagram community by providing a visually enthralling atmosphere, decor and menu that is perfect for capturing and sharing on social media platforms.

Here are some of the factors that make a café Instagrammable:

  1. Ambience and decor: A café with an aesthetic ambiance and unique decor can attract customers who appreciate visually appealing environments. Elements such as plants, murals, colorful seating arrangements, and lighting can make a café stand out and offer a perfect backdrop for photos.
  2. Food and Drinks: A café with visually stunning food and drinks presentation can be a huge draw for Instagram users. Creative food presentation, unique drinks, and fun packaging can all make a café’s offerings more photogenic and shareable.
  3. Instagrammable features: Elements in the café designed specifically for Instagram users, such as a selfie wall, a neon sign, or a mural, can make the café more memorable and encourage customers to take photos to share on their social media platforms.
  4. Natural lighting: Good lighting is essential to make any photograph look great, and natural light is the best source. Cafés with large windows and outdoor seating that allow for plenty of natural light can make for stunning photographs.
  5. Wi-Fi Access: Free and fast Wi-Fi is essential for customers who want to post their photos to social media platforms while they are still at the café.
  6. Engaging Social Media Presence: A café with an active and engaging social media presence can encourage customers to share their experiences on social media platforms. This, in turn, can attract more customers and make the café more Instagrammable.


At Sir Dough Bakehouse Café, we offer all this and much more!!! Walk-in and experience a melange of chic interiors, delicious food, gorgeous looking bevarages and a vibe like non other. We work relentlessly to offer a memorable experience to all our patrons that they would want to share with their followers.

Visit us in Mohali & Ludhiana, click and capture the flavours of Sir Dough and watch your Instagram blow!

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